Take Control and Boost Your Super

Take Control of Your Super

Super is your money but for many it remains neglected. Our qualified specialists can provide comprehensive Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) services from initial set up, roll-overs, investing, finance, administration, compliance auditing and taxation. No matter what stage you are at we have the support you need.

SMSF Benefits

• Invest directly into assets of your choice including property
• Combine your super with a partner
• Utilise tax incentives to grow your super faster
• Options of borrowing funds to invest in larger assets
• Tailor your super strategy to your retirement goals

Easy SMSF Setup

We will do all the paperwork, roll over existing funds and get your SMSF up and running quickly and smoothly.

Save Time

Unlike other SMSF services we provide full administration saving our clients 85hrs a year. You make the decisions, we'll do the work.

Tax Effective

Use tax strategies and government incentives to grow your super faster.

Holistic Approach

Get access to all the experts you need in the one place including financial planning, accountants, investing, SMSF lending, auditors and more.

Flat Fee Structure

Percentage based fees can erode your super. We offer a low, predictable, flat-fee structures with awesome ongoing support.

Stress Free

We take the work and stress out of your SMSF by ensuring all your ATO requirements are met on time, every time.

Plan To Retire Wealthier

What standard of living would you like to achieve in retirement?  Are you looking to travel the world or just maintain the your existing lifestyle? We will work with you to identify your goals, needs and attitude towards risk and then develop a practical and measurable plan with the focus of helping you achieve the life you want in retirement,

Real Results.

Our people, process and tools have a proven track record of helping our clients grow their money, boost their super and creating a plan for a wealthier retirement. The earlier you start this journey the better the results.  Let show you how to maximise the potential of your super and move towards the retirement you really want.

Shares, Property and More

Our clients enjoy a variety of investment options that extend beyond Australian shares. Clients work with their Adviser to make informed choices on the asset classes they want to invest in, which can include residential property.

Invest With Family

A SMSF allows you to combine your super with a spouse or up to 3 other members so that you can tackle larger investments.  If you would like this to be part of your strategy we can help you find and consolidate members super into the one SMSF.

Track Your SMSF 24/7

As a client of Future Assist you will enjoy industry leading insights and transparency into your investments and money with powerful 24/7 reporting through our online SMSF portal or mobile app.

“Future Assist have delivered everything and more!”

B Slater | Product Review 2018

We have helped thousands of Australians
invest through superannuation.

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Proactive Advice

Our clients enjoy proactive reviews, tailored investment advice, education and extensive options for ongoing support to help grow your portfolio and help keep you tracking towards your goals.

What Does It Cost?

No two peoples needs are the same, this is why we offer the first consultation at no charge to ensure that you have all the information you need to better understand your options and costs before deciding if our services are the right fit for you.

Over 1 Million Australians Have Switched

Over 1 million Australians have switched from Retail or Industry Fund to SMSF and while its not for everyone we can help you assess your situation and provide real clarity on how your super and retirement can look.


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