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We have helped thousands of Australians through tailored financial advice to plan for a better financial future, take control of their super, and build wealth for retirement. For many of our clients, a robust strategy for investing in property through superannuation or in their personal name has been part of their chosen strategy.

Robust Financial Advice

All investments facilitated by Future Assist are underpinned by a robust financial planning process.  This helps our clients to identify opportunities for maximising their financial potential, mitigating risk and aligning property investments to their retirement and lifestyle goals.

Robust Financial Advice - Future Assist
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The advice we offer is underpinned by the insights of our qualified and experienced Investment Committee.  We bring clarity through thorough analysis to avoid emotionally driven investing decisions. Future Assist Property Services will work with you to identify the right property criteria for your strategy supported by in-depth research backed by independent valuations.

Ownership Strategy

There are many different entities that you can invest through which can further maximise your property portfolio.  These entities include individual, a company, a trust, a partnership, or an SMSF however there is a lot to consider. Future Assist team of advisers will help you assess each option to identify the optimal structure for you.

Key Benefits

  • Dedicated team of property researchers
  • Detailed property reports presented for each option
  • Backed by Independent 3rd Party Valuations
  • Qualified investment specialists
  • Access to over 30 investment lenders
  • Create the optimal legal structure for your porfolio

Loan Structures

The way a loan is structured has a significant impact on the investment.   Borrowing capacities, cash flow, tax incentives, interest, rental income, optimal usage of redraw facilities and the period of investment are all considered to ensure the right finance solution is to support your strategy.

Investment Lending Specialists

Future Assist has a team of MAAA and SMSF lending specialists that can source finance from over 30 retail and wholesale lenders and will tailor loan structures to optimise your investment.

Loan Structure - Future Assist
Real Transparency - Future Assist

Real Transparency 24/7

Our clients enjoy industry leading insights and transparency into the performance of their property and other investments via our online portal and industry leading mobile app available 24hrs a day.

Proactive Advice

Our clients enjoy proactive reviews, tailored investment advice, education and ongoing support to help grow your portfolio and help keep you tracking towards your goals.

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We offer the first consultation free to ensure that you have all the information you need to
better understand your options before deciding if our services are the right fit for you.

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Common Questions

Can I purchase a property in superannuation?

Under Australian Superannuation laws, property can be purchased through a superannuation fund, and often managed funds tend to hold property investments. Through a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, you will be given the ability to have a direct choice in property if you choose to invest in it.

What are depreciation schedules?

A depreciation schedule is a report that lists the depreciable assets related to owning an investment property. Generally, it gives you and your adviser an idea as to how much tax you can claim when in your tax return. It covers plant and equipment depreciation, which are assets associated with your investment property that have a finite lifetime such as carpets, lighting, etc. It also covers capital works depreciation, which are aspects of more permanent improvements and alterations to your investment property.

“Future Assist have helped us develop our property portfolio and given us direction and focus with our money”

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