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Future Assist hold an Australian Financial Services Licence and provide comprehensive investment advice tailored to suit your financial goals.

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    As experts in the SMSF industry, Future Assist can help you set up, impliment and manage your SMSF.

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    The team at Future Assist specialise in self-managed super, assisting you to regain control and make your super work well for you.

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    Our experts are adept with the latest industry movements and trends, providing you with advice on how to manage your funds effectively.

SMSF's can provide a number of advantages over traditional Super funds.
Control: setting up an SMSF benefits - control
SMSF are controlled by the trustees, who can choose exactly what fund to invest in, including property.
Taxation: setting up an SMSF benefits - taxation
Did you know a Self-Managed Super fund enjoys the lowest rate of tax of any entity structure in Australia.
Direct Assets: setting up an SMSF benefits - Direct Assets
Direct Assets
SMSF's make it possible to invest in asset classes such as direct equities and direct property investment.

Future Assist are a financial planning firm that specialise in self managed superannuation.

  • Comprehensive statement of advice
  • Advice from Future Assist's experienced panel of experts with 60+ years of collective financial planning expertise
  • Economical cost structure
  • Personal client manager

The setup of an SMSF can raise many questions. We are here to help guide you through any queries you might have:

  • Not sure if you have enough in Super?
  • Not sure what to invest in?
  • Not sure of the legalities involved with SMSF?


Our SMSF specialists can assist you in reaching your retirement goals!

Self-Managed Super Funds can provide you more control compared to a traditional fund. If you have a number of super funds running and costing you money or and want to get back in control, setting up a SMSF could be the answer. The team at Future Assist specialise in self-managed super, providing expert knowledge and advice that assists you to regain control of your super to make it work well for you. Having our SMSF specialists on your side when it comes to getting your savings in control is a key step in your financial future. We assist with:

  • Strategy
  • Set-up
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Management


Future Assist are your local integrated financial planners who can assist you in setting up and managing your SMSF

Do you have a number of retail/industry Superannuation funds running, all costing you money?

Do you want more control and flexibility over your Super?

Are you dissatisfied with your super fund performance?

If the answer is Yes to one or more these questions, you should consider Self Managed Super. Self Managed Superannuation SMSF are now cost effective and can allow you to invest directly into property, cash, shares, and many other assets allowing total control.


Why set up a SMSF with us?

  • National Company with full service support
  • Competitive administration costs
  • Expert advice on all facets of your SMSF
  • Assistance in identifying and actioning various investment opportunities
  • Alerts to any SMSF tax concessions available

If you are looking to get a SMSF specialist on side to assist you with your superannuation, turn to the team at Future Assist. Our super experts are adept with the latest industry movements and trends, providing you with inside advice on just how to manage your funds effectively.


Comprehensive information on setting up an SMSF:

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Setting up an SMSF in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast

Take control of your SuperSMSFs allow you to directly invest in shares and property.

Setting up an SMSF in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast

Don't be put off by the term 'Self Managed'You're not on your own! Essentially Future Assist take care off all the nitty gritty and you make all the decisions with your fund.

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