Superannuation is one of the key investment vehicles for most Australians and must be considered when developing a strategy to build personal wealth.

If you’d like to enjoy a comfortable retirement, it’s a good idea to get advice how you can grow your superannuation. After all, super is your money, so you want to make sure it’s working for you.

When used effectively, superannuation offers some tax breaks you simply can’t get anywhere else. It’s a great way to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in retirement​.  Future  Assist has helped over a thousand people take control of their superannuation and create a plan for a stronger financial future.

We can help you with

    · Superannuation advice

    · Superannuation Roll Overs

    · Set Up of Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

    · Investments Loans including buying property and other geared investments

    · SMSF Accounting (perform annual reporting to ASIC and ATO)

    · Full SMSF Administration

    · Proactive tax planning

Some tax advantages of superannuation

- Super is a tax structure that gives you access to concessionaltax rates, rather than your normal marginal tax rates.

– Salary sacrificing can be set up so thatmore of your pre-tax earnings go into your super and atthe same time reducing your overall taxable annual income.

– You can invest in a broad range of things like property, ETF's, direct shares but with the additionalbenefit of a concessional tax rate.

– Since you can’t access your superannuation until retirement you wont be able to spend it

​Of course, super isn’t the only way that we can build wealth for retirement and should not be relied on by iteself. Other non-super assets such as direct shares, indexed funds, investment properties and even cash savings can also help generate retirement wealth. However, there are significant differences in tax when investing in assets through superannuation compared to outside of super.

Its important to understand that there are many options available for those seeking to take more control over their super and build wealth.  Your financial adviser will work with you to review your entire financial situation and provide advice to how superannuation can fit into your wealth creation strategy.

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