Estate planning is about ensuring that the assets you acquire during your lifetime are properly protected, structured for flexibility and maximum return, and one day pass smoothly to their intended beneficiaries.

If you have loved ones that depend on you, then estate planning can give you peace of mind that they will be well-looked after in the event of your passing. Estate planning is not just about having a will; it can include documents that outline how you will be cared for medically and financially should you be unable to make decisions in the future.

Planning for peace of mind

Failing to leave clear instructions may see decisions made that conflict with your wishes, and can also result in your assets being inefficiently allocated after legal teams and the tax office take their cut.

Future Assist offers free no-obligation appointments to help you explore your options. Together with our referral partner, Bridge Legal, we will ensure your will and estate documents are legally correct, written in plain English and that your wishes will be carried out without undue distress or hardship for your beneficiaries.

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